Amazing Personalised Gift
Thank you felt ball Rug company! Fantastic and fun to design our own Rug for a Beautiful Gift! Great service Lovely Product
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kristie B. on 10/12/2019


1 cm felt balls multiple colours
These felt balls are good quality and easy to work with. They are durable for everyday items. Thank you for your lovely work. The colours are wonderful.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kath O on 10/09/2019


Felt ball rug
Absolutely love it, love the craftsmanship that was put into it. Looks amazing in person and in my sons room Thankyou so much :)
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Jenica C on 09/12/2019


Felt animal head Freddie the Fox
Lovely product, well made and high quality, thanks
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Nayarett A on 09/11/2019


Very Glittery!!
These are super sparkly and are a great size
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Pam P. on 09/06/2019


Great product and experience
Regular communication of where the order was up to was great. Quality, artisan product and custom colours weren’t a problem
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kate C. on 05/03/2019


Beautiful Purchase
I love this trivet! It's bright, colourful and adds a bit of a sparkle to my kitchen! Very happy!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Chandrika D on 05/02/2019


Great rug
The rug is fantastic and beautifully made. It really sets off my daughters room.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Raylene S. on 04/08/2019


Beautiful craftmanship
Loved my two rugs! Turned out exactly as expected with timely shipping! Couldn’t be happier and will definitely order again!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Marsha B on 03/30/2019


Amazing Babyshower
I ordered a few bullet and wooden frames for a baby shower. The future mom is very happy about the homemade baby mobile. great quality, fast delivery and a nice communication. I would order again at any time! Thank you!! Greetings from Germany
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Sabine W on 03/19/2019


Lovely product, well made :)
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Nayarett A on 03/12/2019

Love it!!

It is super comfy to walk on and it looks fab. We love it and we love that Shanti crafted it so beautifully for us. We hope to one day buy another rug from Felt Ball Rug Aus.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Sally C on 02/22/2019

Very happy!

I love the felt balls! I also purchased the felt clouds which looked great on the mobile I made! The customer service is amazing. Will be purchasing again! 😍
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Laura G. on 01/31/2019

great quality

I love the quality and how quickly they were delivered to me. I also loved the shapes of the stars, hearts and Santa's..
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by DARLA P on 01/29/2019

Rainbow rug

Beautiful work , thank you for brightening up the kids play space.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Emma E. on 01/23/2019


 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kelley D. on 01/14/2019

Awesome Felt Hearts!

Love these Felt Hearts. Perfect size and shape, nice density, and rich colours. Thank you creating artists!

Reviewed by Kirsten F. on 01/05/2019

Very good quality and quicker than expected

Thank you very much for the beautiful handmade rug. We custom selected the colours and it looks fantastic. Very good quality hand crafted rug!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Tegan F. on 12/13/2018

I absolutely love these felt balls...

I bought these felt balls as toys for my ragdoll cat. He loves playing with them and I love having them around the house. They look so beautiful and they're so much nicer than plastic toys. Best of all, they don't hurt my foot if I accidentally tread on them in the middle of the night! I will definitely be buying more felt balls in the future. I prefer the 4cm size for a cat toy and I really love the baby blue colour #35.

Reviewed by Pamela E. on 12/01/2018

2.5 cm felt balls

always happy with the quality of your products
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Nayarett A on 11/29/2018

Great product and quick service!

These balls were high quality and gorgeous colours!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Stephanie P. on 11/06/2018

Beautiful rug and excellent services

Great the rug is soft, beautiful and cheerful. Also a huge plus that it is made in Nepal and it helps the community. Just what we wanted. We received it about a week later and then wanted to increase the size, the company made it very easy for us ro do so. Highly recommended.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by FRANCOIS M on 10/21/2018

felt balls 2.5cm

Great colors & quality :)
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Nayarett A.. on 10/12/2018

Excellent quality!

Many thanks for my beautiful rug which looks gorgeous in my bedroom. The felt rug is my new place to sit and stretch or meditate in the mornings, I love the look and feel of it under my feet. Thanks again 👍👍👍

Reviewed by Katya S.. on 10/10/2018

Loved my order!

I ordered multiple colors of felt balls and was very happy with the order. It arrived quickly and sorted into the individual colors (and labeled for easy re-order). The felt balls were smooth and consistently sized -- perfect for my felt garland project. I also liked that they included a color chart so it's easier to know my options and the actual colors for next time!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Allison B.. on 10/09/2018


I was able to hear a quick reply with a live chat and very friendly. It is much more beautiful than what is shown on the screen. Shipping was so fast. And your gift was enough to impress me. I will recommend it to my acquaintance. I'll buy another one next time. Thank you sooooo much:)

Reviewed by J.Y.KIM. on 10/08/2018

Custom Rug

Very pleased with my rug which will make a one of a kind Christmas Present for my niece. The combination of Blues, Purples and Greens will go great in her room. I must have driven the Feltball Rug team crazy with the amount of photo samples I ordered before I chose my final colours however it was a great way to have confidence in the look of your final design before committing.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Mikayla C. on 09/25/2018

Great work and oooohhhhh so cute

excellent, great work, excellent quality, fast turnaround and my 5 year old loves them.

Reviewed by sally N.. on 09/24/2018

Quality, service, perfection!

If I could give these guys 100 stars, I would! I'm in Tasmania, Australia and from the time I requested a sample photo of my personalised design to it being at my doorstep - was unbelieviable (the following week!) the craftsmanship is 10/10. I will be making another order very soon. Thank you so much for the time, effort and love that everyone put in to make my experience so pleasant and memorable!

Reviewed by Sharni R. on 09/17/2018

Great product!

Great! Fast shipping and great quality!

Reviewed by Brittany G.. on 09/11/2018

feltball rug

we haven't opened this package yet, as it's for our house when we finally get to move in, but are really looking forward to using it.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by sue t.. on 09/02/2018


Absolutely beautiful garland, thank you
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Susan M.. on 08/27/2018

Having a ball!

Purchased the Marshmallow 140cm for my two year old daughters room. The colour and texture really add an extra dimension to the room and my daughter can’t stop playing on it - absolutely LOVES it! Superb quality and prompt delivery.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Ryan F. on 08/26/2018

Will shop again

I absolutely love the experience I have had with Felt Ball Rug USA. I will shop again soon!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Gabi C. on 08/15/2018

Perfect purchase

I really love this company, we were short a few balls and I emailed them and they sent me 10 more free of purchase. I think it showed integrity. People are human and mistakes happen but they fixed it and made it right. Will buy again for sure!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Brittani W. on 08/15/2018

Felt balls

Great and quick postage
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kylie O. on 07/27/2018

Superb quality

We just love the rug we ordered. We chose our own mix of colours and received an email with a photo of a sample of what it what look like to confirm before proceeding. Amazing service and we received it within a couple of weeks. I’m beyond happy with our rug and the quality is great! Highly recommend!!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kayla S. on 07/11/2018

felt balls 4cm

perfect size for my projects and shaped nicely :)
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Nayarett A. on 06/23/2018


Just received my beautiful rug. I am super pleased with not only the service but the quality of the rug and speedy delivery. I purchased a sample chart first which was handy when selecting accurate colours since each camera /screen shows the free photo sample differently. Highly Recommended. Many Thanks

Reviewed by Evelyn. on 05/28/2018

Great products

Perfect fast shipping
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Kylie O. on 05/25/2018


Balls were perfect!!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Margaret H. on 04/28/2018

Wonderful Felt Balls!

I was so happy with my recent purchase, they were true to colour and size and arrived quicker than expected. I have used these as a bedroom wall hanging for my daughter’s room and she is absolutely in love with them. Thank you.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by belinda p. on 03/14/2018


I love how good my sons room looks now with his new rug. It’s also very soft and comfortable to stand!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Abbey S. on 02/14/2018

Chair pads

I love my new chair pads! Thank you for making them in my chosen colours. They are wonderful to sit on - even though it is a hot summer, they are still comfortable & soft - and do not make me feel hot. I will probably order more, once we have bought a couple of extra chairs. I am going to sew some ribbon onto two corners so that I can attach them to the chair backs. It will be safer for my little grand-daughter to climb up. Thanks again for your wonderful work!
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Erica C. on 02/01/2018

Product evaluation

Hello dear Nirlana (ich think I remember that this is your name?), thank you so much for making our beautiful and colorful felt rug! It fits perfectly into our twin boys' room and they love playing on it! You've done an incredible job with lots of love!! I wish you all the best! Warm regards, Sophie
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Sophie D. on 01/14/2018

Design your own felt ball mobile

The costumer service through Instagram was great, listening to what I was wanting to create for my daughter bedroom and fitting with the colour scheme. Our felt ball mobile arrived and I love it. Can't wait to hang it above bubs cot. Thank you.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Laura V. on 01/11/2018

Wonderful work

Grateful for excellence in this work.
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Victor H. on 12/29/2017

Unique and beautiful gift

I purchased this rug for my 16 months old baby gir'ls room. It is the most beautiful rug i have every bought - the colours are vibrant and the quality of the workwomanship is top notch. If you have been thinking about buying one - do it ! It brings my baby and I joy every time we look at it !! Thanks Roshni !!! xox
 felt ball rug review

Reviewed by Rachel I. on 12/05/2017