Back in 1988, my father left his teaching career, teamed up with mum and bought a hand spinning wheel to make woollen yarns for local suppliers in Nepal. With plenty of highs and lows over last 25 years, he has got a stable business now with about 40-50 staff, making all kind of handmade rugs. Unfortunately mum passed away back in 2008 from cancer, so she has left a big void in our family. Otherwise, things are pretty good.


Just like my dad, I want to empower the underprivileged community, mostly women in Nepal by creating job opportunities for them. They are vulnerable to domestic violence and other form of abuses simply because, they have no education and can't generate income for the family. By empowering them, we will give them voice and make them an important part of the community. 

felt ball rug artisans


Felt Ball Rug USA's mission to be a great company where we embrace these underprivileged women and provide them training to be an important part of the community. It's not OK to be abused and taken advantage of just because you are a woman and are from poor family. At the same time, we want to provide a great service to our customers who value our vision.
jagadishwar adhikari



At Felt Ball Rug USA, we live and breathe these values – they are not just posters that we hang on the wall but and integral part of our journey. It's our DNA.

  • Do everything world class. Make rugs as if our own family member is going to use.
  • Respect diversity at workplace. Our artisans come from different background and it's important, we respect each others values and ideas.
  • Have fun. 
  • Be proactive.

 We are committed to fair trade and all of our felt ball products are handmade in Nepal.

We can guarantee you 100% quality on all our felt ball rug products as they are made free from chemicals or any other toxins and are eco – friendly.

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All our rugs have 1 year warranty from  the day of purchase.

We are also a proud member of Good Weave.