River Bed Pebble Stone Rug

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River Bed Pebble Stone Rug

  1. Handmade in Nepal under fair trade from premium quality New Zealand wool.
  2. Colored from natural dye . Free from chemicals or any other toxins . Eco friendly .
  3. 1 Year Warranty.
  4. Definitely an ice breaker product with guests. .
  5. Perfect for any room in the house as it's neutral in color and is our one of the most popular rugs .
  6. Click Here If You Want To Design Your Own Rug.

Riverbed Pebble Stone Rug is made from 100% New Zealand Wool and is handmade at our factory in Nepal.

pebble stone felt ball rug

These river bed pebble stone rugs are hand sewn together and can be used on both sides. These stunning pebble stone rugs are perfect for any room in the house.

With the flair and creativity of the design these heavy duty rugs would last a lifetime and are sure to make a statement.

Each felt ball is 100% New Zealand soft wool , is felted and then hand stitched together.

How Your River Bed Pebble Stone RugMade

This riverbed pebble stone rug is a hand-made by Nepalese artisan women . Below are very quick and simple steps on how it's done.

  • Each individual felt ball are made of high quality New Zealand wool which are soaked in soapy water and rolled until they are roughly 2 cm in diameter.
how to make felt ball
  • Once done, they put the ball in the cold water and rinse it. ( Yes they do it to thousands more , individually to make up your rug).
how to make felt ball
  • These felt balls are then dried in the sun.
how to dry felt ball
  • Once completely dried, they are ready to sewn together to make the rug. This is the most complex task and takes huge amount of time.
how to make felt ball rug
  • Once the rug is made, it's ready to be delivered to you. Hope now you appreciate all the work that goes into this wonderful piece of work.

River Bed Pebble Stone Rug Care instructions

This riverbed pebble stone felt ball rug is a hand-made natural products. Therefore there is a chance that slight color and product variation may occur. However, this is not a sign of poor quality, rather proof of a natural handicraft. New felt ball rugs may have short hairs on the surface of the felt rug that are not spun into the felt-ball, but these will disappear after regular vacuuming.

Felt ball rug wool repels liquid, so spot clean immediately and professionally dry clean when your carpets are cleaned. Alternatively you can hand wash yourpebble stonerectangle ball rug with cold water. Please do not use bleach!

This natural stonerectangle felt ball rug is a durable design product. The design and workmanship are of extremely high standards the best materials combined with exacting craftsmanship ensures high quality and functionality. The excitingnatural stone felt balls combinations and stylish, robust design are a daily delight for the eye.

River Bed Pebble Stone Rectangle Rug Quality Guaranteed

Felt ball rug sourced are handcrafted, natural rugs. There is a chance that slight color and material variations can occur. This is not a sign of inferior quality, but it is a proof of true handwork.

Please contact us if you believe that there is a compromise in your multicolored felt ball rug.

If you wish to know what felt really is, here is the link to wikipidea. Hope this helps.

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