Nursery Mobile Frame

  • $8.99

  1. Handmade in Nepal.
  2. Each nursery mobile frame ishandcrafted by Hemanta (artisan).
  3. Perfect to hang above your baby's cot, change table or anywhere you want.
  4. Perfect DIY item if you are thinking of making your own nursery mobile.
  5. This baby mobile framecomesa circular shape.
  6. Shape:Circle

This beautiful nursery mobile frame is designed and carefully handcrafted our team in Nepal.

baby mobile arm

How baby mobile armis made

The process of making the wooden nursery mobile frame is quite a long one. Below are the steps if you are interested to know how they are made.

1. First of all, a selected breed of bamboo wood is handpicked by our experienced artisans from the jungle and are cut ( only the required numbers) to smaller pieces.

2. These bamboo stems are then cut into small sizes, eventually, small enough to make the wooden mobile framefor your baby's room .

3. These bamboo pieces are then finely bent to give the requiredshape and then tied by the strings to hold the shape.

4. They are then left to dry for about 2 weeks to properly season. Once the babymobile frameshold the shape, they are then lightly burnt by light fire to give the permanent shape.

Dimensions Of Nursery Mobile Frame:

Diameter: 35cm approximately.


Things You Will Need To Make Felt Ball Mobile:

1. Felt Balls. You will need approximately 60-80 felt balls to make a proper nursery mobile.

2. String and

3. Needle

You can also see various nursery felt ball mobile designs from us to get some idea. Hope this will help you to get some inspiration to design your own baby mobile to hang above the cot .



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