18 Felt Ball DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Home

18 Felt Ball DIY Projects 

felt ball diy ideas

Are you planning for your next DIY project for your home or nursery? Have you ever thought about how to make a felt ball rug or a trivet or felt ball garlands? Why not make felt ball designs? If you wish to add more colour to your home, nursery or just want to kill some time then these 18 felt ball diy projects will certainly keep you busy.

DIY Projects with Felt Balls 

Colour is a universal language. So if you pick the right colour in whatever project you are doing, you will impact lots of people in a positive way. Felt ball projects are no different, specially because they are available in all these amazing vibrant colours. I recently published a short video on youtube on how these amazing felt balls are made if you want to have a quick look.

If you want to add more colour to your home, boy's nursery, girl's nursery, or neutral theme nursery then check this list we've compiled and we hope you'll like them.


1. How To Make Felt Ball Rug

Lear how to make felt ball rug in 5 steps. Making a felt ball rug may sound like a daunting task to most of you and to some extent, it can be. Not because it's difficult to make, but the time it takes to make a felt ball rug. A decent felt ball rug  will take about 2-3 days for an experienced artisan, which means to someone who simply wants to give it a go for the first time, it may take little bit longer. So with a little bit of patience and few days in you sleeve, there should be no problem to learn on how to make a felt ball rug.

Here are few things to consider before making a felt ball rug.

  1. Find out  the size ( cm ) in diameter of the felt ball rug you want to make.
  2. Find out how many felt balls you need to make rug
  3. Check the colours that you want to use. As a guide, you can use our colour chart if this make it easier for you.
  4. Get felt needles and some strong thread. You can probably get them from ebay or amazon.
  5. And watch this video below. Just patience and some free time.

You can also watch this quick video to see how our artisans make their felt ball rug.

If you are time poor but still wishes to own one,  see a collection of our felt ball rugs or you you can design your own felt ball rug from 60 amazing colours.


2. How To Make Felt Ball Garland

For step by step guide on how to make felt ball garland, please go to this tutorial simply watch the video above.

You will need 2 to 2.5 cm felt balls for this project.

3. Felt Ball Necklace

felt ball necklace diy via Polkadot Chair

Have just 15 minutes and you are urgently needing a necklace? Well you are in luck, that's if you've already got the felt balls.  Get the instructions here.

4. Felt Ball Coasters 

how to make felt ball coastervia Inspired by Charm

If you are thinking of adding some extra flavour around your coffee tables and create an amazing conversation starter with your friends, then these felt ball coasters will be the perfect project for you. Make sure you use 1cm diameter felt balls for this project. Anything bigger will make the surface uneven for your coffee mugs. Check it out here.

5. Autumn Billy Ball Posy DIY

 felt ball flower diyvia Eryn with a Y

This is probably the easiest and less time confusing and anyone can do project. I'd probably do something like before moving on to more complex felt ball projects. Get the steps here.


6. DIY Velvet Pom Pom Pillows

 via Go Haus Go

Your cushions or pillows don't always have to be boring. You can totally transform these by adding couple of felt balls around the edges. I recommend that you use 2 cm felt balls for this type of project. Get the tutorial here.


7. DIY Felt Ball Wreath

 via The Magic Onions

If you have about an hour to spare and are thinking of creating a felt ball wreath for your front door, this is the way to go. You can use anything from 2cm to 3 cm felt balls for this kind of project. Get the steps here.

Don't feel like making one, but really want to own a felt ball wreath?, simply go to our felt ball wreath section to see different types of felt ball wreaths.

8. DIY Felt Acorns

 via Catch my Party

These little adorable acorns has a lot of decorative uses in and around your home. You just need to make some and throw them around. Check it out here.


9. Felt Ball Spring Grass Centerpiece

 via Tatertots and Jellos

Are you running out of colour in your indoor garden? Adding these beautiful colourful felt balls centrepiece spring grass will add some flavour your decor. Check out this easy craft project. Use 2cm or 2.5 cm felt balls for this projects. Get the tutorial here.


10. Denim and Wool Felt Ball Hair Clips

 via Cakies

Throw some DIY creativity on your little girl or may be yourself. Why not?. Get the steps here.


11. Felt Ball Trivet

 via Maker Crate

 Just like your felt ball coasters, these felt balls trivets are great way to add some texture in your kitchen. Recommended felt ball size is 2cm and 2.5 cm felt ballsGet the tutorial here. Or you can go to our felt ball trivets section to check out what we have in store for you.

12. Pussy Willow Rainbow

 via Betz White

Thinking of lighting up any corner of your room with an easy DIY felt ball project? Well the hardest part is gathering some branches from outside, put them in a vase and stick some 1cm felt balls on the branches. In fact, you can mix some odd 2 cm felt balls too. If you still need detailed steps,  Check it out here.


13. Felt Ball Mobile

 via My Sparkle

If you want to decorate your baby's nursery with some felt balls, this is a pretty good idea. Get the tutorial here. You will need 2 to 3 cm felt balls for this project.


14. Felt Ball Bracelet

 via Rosie Pink

Think outside the square and start decorating your wearables with felt balls. One common DIY projects that we've come across is this beautiful bracelet made of felt balls and some beads. Check it out here.


15. Felt Ball Curtain

 via Danielle DIY

Got some time to spare and need to add some colours around your room? You can make these beautiful felt ball curtains that goes across your door or your window. Get the tutorial here.

You will need 2 to 3 cm felt balls for this project.


16. DIY Earrings

 via NBeads

This earrings can be very handy during Christmas or you can pick any other colours for any other occasions. Get the steps here.


17. Felt Ball Ornament

 via The NY Melrose Family

This is for those who are not really sure and just want to get their hand dirty. Get the steps here.


18. Felt Ball Trees

 felt ball tree diyvia Home Talk

If you are thinking of a quick and easy room or nursery decor? Make these adorable little trees from felt balls! Get the steps here.

You may need 2 cm or 2.5 cm felt balls for this project.


Let us know if you have any other ideas so we can update this post in future. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Felt ball diy

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