Felt Ball Mobile

Felt ball mobile can be quite something in your little baby's nursery if you get the colours right. These amazing looking baby cot mobiles, made from felt balls ranging from 1cm all the way to 4 cm, can totally transform the look and feel of the room.

The frame of these felt ball mobiles are made from young bamboo stem. They are then cut and bent using the natural fire heat and then left in the sun to dry and form it's shape for few days. Once these bamboo frames are completely dried, they are used to make the baby cot mobiles. The width of the arch of the bamboo frame is about 35 cm and the height is about 20cm. The felt garland that are hung on the arch of the bamboo frame is about 45-50cm long.

You can also custom design your own felt ball mobile based on the colour and design setup of your baby's nursery room.

Just let us know what colours you want from our color chart